Managed Services

CaaS (Cyber Security as a Service)

Organizations without the infrastructure for proper information security management can count on us to provide an advanced security program.

Our services go from network infrastructure management, server administration and management of SOC (Security Operations Center) and its information security concientization program.

SiaaS (SIEM as a Service)

The investment in a SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) can be a hard and tidious process.

For a fraction of the price, our clients can access our platform in modality “As-a-Service”

TaaS (Talent as a Service)

We provide our clients with everything they need, from a Junior Engineer all the way to a professional CISO paid by hours or with a 24/7 x 365 payment plan.

VaaS (Vulnerability Management as a Service)

Vulnerabilities appear every day as we go through our daily business routine and practice.

Without an adecuate vulnerability management program, a hacker can be the first one to take advantage of these factors to take control over any organization.